October 12, 2021 All You Need to Know about DDR5 Memory Modules It’s been over a year since rumors and leaks about DDR5 started hitting the streets. Today, we’re going to cover what we know about DDR5 modules from Kingston that will release alongside Intel’s next-generation CPUs. DDR5 vs. [...]
October 01, 2021 What is Auto HDR and how to enable on Windows 11? Recently, Microsoft released the all-new Windows 11, which is available for Windows 10 users to upgrade. One of the biggest improvements of Windows 11 in gaming is the Auto HDR feature. The Auto HDR feature can intelligently take SDR-only games to HDR level [...]
September 15, 2021 MSI unveiled New Color Modes For MAG274QRF And MAG274QRF-QD [Taipei, Taiwan] MSI noticed that gamers care about both performance and color. Therefore, MSI launched two Esports Gaming monitors last year: the MAG274QRF and the MAG74QRF-QD with Quantum Dots Technology. Both of them are popular among gamers and [...]
June 24, 2021 Lower latency in games, how to measure? What is system latency? System latency is the time between action and result. When you click your mouse, the system will begin to calculate. Eventually, the action which you command will show on your display. So how doessystem latency effect [...]
June 23, 2021 Quantum Dots Technology: MAG274QRF-QD [Taipei, Taiwan] Last year, MSI launched two Esports Gaming monitors: MAG74QRF-QD and MAG274QRF. Both of them are popular among gamers. They are all equipped with Rapid IPS panels with a high refresh rate and fast response time. However, [...]
March 30, 2021 The Colorful, Fast and Smooth: Rapid IPS Generally, there are three types of panels in the monitor market: TN, VA, and IPS. Each of them has unique characteristics and features. E-sports players and fps gamers pursue the smoothest and fastest gameplay to win. This is why they [...]
February 25, 2021 MSI Console Mode - CEC [Taipei, Taiwan] Previously, MSI introduced console mode for console gamers. It offers better image quality on the 1440P monitor that accepts a 4K signal. This time, the MSI Console mode has another function called the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). Via [...]
February 01, 2021 The benefit of curved monitor To get the most complete gaming experience, it is important to know how to choose a monitor. If you are considering purchasing a monitor, we recommend checking out a curved monitor. Let us introduce the benefits of a curved display. [...]
December 30, 2020 A Quick Setting Guide for Cyberpunk 2077 [Taipei, Taiwan] As a world-leading Gaming PC brand, MSI commits to deliver gamers and creators genuine pleasure, and will keep on improving. Hello Samurai! I believe that you're enjoying this game already, so here we provide quick guidance on hardware [...]