MSI Full Product Range of Skylake Gaming Notebooks Ready
Be the World’s 1st, for THE SKY’S THE LI

Latest Update:
Taipei, Taiwan – MSI, the leading gaming notebook manufacturer and innovator, is the first in the gaming market to launch gaming notebooks of Intel's latest 6th generation Intel Core i7 Skylake processors for hardcore gamers.

Skylake is codename of the brand new 14nm micro-architecture of Intel’s latest 6th generation processors. The Skylake platform requires lower power consumption but delivers better performance than before. Regular Core i7 6700HQ is 10% faster than i7 4720HQ under average usage. CPU performance of i7 6820HK increases up to 30% under overclocking compared with that of i7 4720HQ. Furthermore, GT72 with i7-6820HK supports overclocking up to 4GHz.

MSI has not only introduced enhanced MSI exclusive technologies, but also launched several powerful and cool new gaming features on new gaming notebooks to fully unleash the revolutionary computing power of this new Intel skylake architecture platform.

ESS SABRE HiFi Audio DAC is the next generation solution for authentic sound effects. After fulfilling gamers' desires to see clearly during gameplays, MSI decides to work with ESS and to amaze gamers with pure and lossless audio quality.

"MSI is an undisputed leader in the gaming industry and we are excited to collaborate with them on this landmark notebook series," said Dan Christman, ESS’s Chief Marketing Officer. "The gaming industry has always led the way in evangelizing superior technologies and we are pleased to see this recognition for the outstanding audio capabilities of our SABRE products."

SABRE HiFi with the best ESS DAC delivers a sampling rate over 24bit/192kbps, supporting Hi-Res Audio and delivering superior sound quality over compressed audio formats, even with regular headsets. One of the most popular Hi-Res Audio formats is FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec).

The new Silver Lining Print design on the solid Steelseries keyboard further enhances the top of the class impression. MSI Super RAID 4 technology runs two PCI-E Gen3 M.2 SSD (NVMe) under RAID 0, pushing the read speeds over 3300MB/s. Killer Shield, a new member of the Killer Family, watch over the whole networking environment to ensure smoother uploads and download processes. Nahimic Audio Enhancer creates directional sound effects whereas True Color Technology provides greater image detail for true professional gamers.

Moreover, after upgrading the operating system to Windows 10, MSI fans may experience straight away the complete DirectX 12 extreme gaming effects.

The latest MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G is designed to dominate the cyber world. Its brushed-metal lid and aesthetics line design are inspired by matte black supercars, adding high class taste. It features NVIDIA G-SYNCTM technology, bringing supreme visual experience by avoiding lags, minimizing frame-rate shutter and reducing visual tearing. There is no doubt that MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G will dominate the gaming notebook market AGAIN.

New GS70 Stealth/GS60 Ghost Series come with ultra slim design with whole metallic shield. These two series are ideal choices for gamers who refuse to compromise. MSI engineers refine every delicate detail to strike a balance between portability and performance. GS70 Stealth/GS60 Ghost Series’ THIN STEALTH TECHNOLOGY will win hardcore gamers’ heart.

New GE62/72 Apache Pro Series are especially designed for mainstream gamers who demand performance, portability and better gaming experience of all in one device. They are ideal fusions of best CPU and GPU's computing power and the most wanted MSI exclusive technologies, providing supreme gaming experiences in every aspect in slim and light chassis. GE62/72 Apache Pro Series unleash TRUE FIREPOWER of every hardware component and shall conquer the gaming battlefield in the blink of an eye.

As a pioneer in the notebook industry, MSI is the world’s first notebook manufacturer to offer Intel Broadwell and the latest Skylake platform at the same time. MSI is dedicated to transform its Gaming DNA into MSI exclusive technologies to create groundbreaking system performance and ultimate gaming experience for MSI fans.


MSI Exclusive / World’s First Technologies


Cooler Boost 3 – Keep Calm Under Pressure
Heat is the most original element on earth. It's pure physics that more energy will generate more heat. Cooling is therefore a knotty task to tackle with.
MSI exclusive Cooler Boost 3 technology creates dual thermal modules internally by allocating dedicated heat pipes for GPU and CPU. One click on the fan boost button, multiple heat pipes and dual fans actively and effectively push heat out of the system.

Super RAID 4 Storage – Load Games in Seconds
Get in the game before everyone else with Super RAID 4, MSI’s fastest RAID 0 storage configuration. Combining dual PCI-E Gen 3.0 x4 SSD’s utilizing NVMe technology, harness the full performance potential of the Gen 3.0 SSD through the optimization of the hardware and software outputting extreme read speeds over 3300MB/s. Load games works in seconds!*This feature is only available on S versions of the GT Series utilizing 6th Generation Intel™ Core® processors

Latest architecture DDR4-2133 Memory Support

Get the best possible performance out of your notebook with support of the advanced DDR4-2133 memory, achieving over 2.9GB/s in reading speed and 3.5GB/s in writing. With over 30% faster performance than previous generations DDR3-1600, DDR4-2133 is the new laptop standard to take your extreme gaming experience to the next level.

Super Port – One Port for Everything

Whatever you need, you can get it done with just one Super Port. Transfer massive files faster than ever with up to 1000MB/s transfer rates. Get more pixel power supporting dual 4K displays and extend your field of view with daisy chain capabilities. Even charge your phones, tablet and any device faster on-the-go or at home (support up to 3A current).*Available on GT72 and GS60 series only


Silver Lining Print
See more and do more in the night with high-grade silver lining printed keys. See the full color spectrum on the SteelSeries multicolor keyboard and enjoy longer lasting keys worry free of long-term wear and tear.
*Optional for only few language keyboard layouts

Keyboard by SteelSeries – Gain Full Command
Every hardware detail of this keyboard is calculated and especially designed for professional gamers’ needs. Better responsive and tactile feedback, optimum WASD zone and support of multi-key inputs are all for gamers to gain full command over gaming missions.

SteelSeries Engine 3 (SSE3) – Target, Position, Aim and Fire
During gameplay, SteelSeries Engines 3 serves as your firearm. With SSE3, you get to suit up your weapon with cool look by lightening it up with multiple backlit colors, transform your keyboard into a high technology firearm by setting up several keys into one key command and cloud syncing all SteelSeries gears together.


True Color Technology – Always Ahead of Your Enemies
Vision and sound are the most important two factors in this field. You now get to see clearer than your enemies to always get one step ahead of the rest. *Besides Gaming Mode, True Color Technology also offers prefect color accuracy for 5 more scenarios.

ESS SABRE HiFi Audio DAC – Evolve Details You Hear
Push the limits of your audio peripherals and hear the difference with the SABRE Audio DAC. Support 24bit/192kbps sampling rate. Drive your high quality headset from 16ohm to 600ohm which gives highest sound detail, up to 122dBA DNR unmatched by PC, Mac or mobile devices DAC. Discover new details that you’ve been missing or maintain the upper-hand in competitive FPS matches where every bit of sound counts.
*Available on GT and GS series only

Nahimic Audio Enhancer
The military knows the importance of how sound can change rules of war. It is the only reason for the French army to adopt Nahimic Technology into its fighting aircraft training simulators. Directional sound effects and crystal clear dialogue during a mission are two critical elements. Now, you get to enjoy a whole new audio experience and dominate your gaming battlefield with this true military technology application.

True speakers designed by the world's leading speaker manufacturer Dynaudio are embedded onto MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G. The true 2.1 sound system delivers an authentic sound experience by boosting power amplitude 50% more than the previous generation, meaning a volume increase over 10dBA.


Killer DoubleShot Pro – Protecting Your Ping
Stop losing games to lag with Killer DoubleShot Pro. Protect and prioritize networking traffic while preventing lag spikes so you can game without fear and play at your best. Select programs you want your network to prioritize to ensure maximum bandwidth and track your speeds with the easy-to-use Killer Networking Manager.
*Available on GT and GS series only

Killer Shield – Smoother Gameplay
One more protection for smoother uploads and download processes. Less pin rate floating reassures more fluent gameplays.

ALL MSI Gaming Notebooks Support WINDOWS 10 Upgrade & Full DirectX 12 3D Features
Game Better with Windows 10.
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Since the invention of motorized vehicles, man has always pursued speed. Be it on land, water or in the air, engineers and test pilots have together been aiming for records previously unattainable - just like we try to do at MSI. Recent advances in technology and persistent challenging of the limits on MSI's side does not only help create slimmer notebooks - but obviously higher performance as well. For some time now, the raw processing power of the CPUs used in mobile systems have been comparable to their desktop system counterparts, and as the world is becoming increasingly focused on mobility and productivity on the go, this trend is set to continue - and MSI is in something of a unique position for this evolution.

"We're focusing only on high-end mobile gaming systems. We pack in the best available performance hardware in the form of RAID solutions of SSDs, where we've been leading the way in storage transfer speeds with our SSD solution Super RAID for years. The latest iteration, Super RAID 4 will hit 3300MB/s, up from 1500MB/s in Super RAID 3. We also use the greatest graphics cards from NVIDIA, such as two GeForce GTX 980M in SLI in our GT80, these are paired to high-end monitor panels, available with G-Sync, to create real, measurable value for end-users. As a silver lining to the cloud that is our lineup, we can now add the 6th-Gen Intel Core to our packages," says Eric Kuo. "I believe the sky is the limit."

Arguably, gaming started more than 40 years ago with arcade games, but is only now starting to become something personal, for everyone. Considering the progress up until now, and the ever-increasing development pace, we would indeed argue that THE SKY’S THE LIMIT, with, and for MSI.