What Makes a solid Gaming Chair?

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In 2019, there are many different brands of gaming chairs on the market, but you as a consumer may be raising the question, “Do I need a gaming chair?” In short, anyone who is considering making an investment in a gaming chair is a person who spends a significant amount of time in front of their computer. There will also be people who shoot down the idea a bit too pre-emptively by saying, “An office chair can take better care of your back.” However, this is not the case for every gamer or person who spends a lot of time in front of their PC.
No matter the kind of work, or play, you engage in while sitting in front of your PC, you should be genuinely concerned for your long-term health. If you are going to be sitting on a stool for several years, this will negatively affect your back and may impact your spine as you move in to your senior years. Find a chair that can suit your posture.
Many users opt in for ergonomic chairs, but these kinds of chairs are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some people are too tall for these kinds of chairs, and some people are too heavy for these kinds of chairs. For these kinds of users, gaming chairs are a much more viable option.

Why do you need a gaming chair?

As stated above, you should be concerned for your long-term health. If you sit down for 8 hours or more each day and experience pain from long term sitting to your bottom or pain on your lower back or upper back, it might be time to consider purchasing a desk chair.

Is the price of a Gaming Chair worth its quality?

You don't want to purchase a 100 USD piece of gaming “furniture” that has handles that feel hollow, wobble easily, and might break if you simply use them to stand up. You don't want the same quality for a backrest either. You wouldn't even want to sit on something built on such poor quality. Also, every single user on Earth experiences body weight fluctuations. You need a chair that is built ready to adapt to your changes on your time.

What kind of Gaming Chair am I looking for?

For each person this is a different answer. If you are five foot ten, for example, your needs won't be the same as a person who is 7 feet tall. So with that in mind we've put together a few different ideas for features that you can look for in a gaming chair in the paragraphs below. We hope this will give you some idea of what you are looking for in your gaming furniture.

Comfort Is Paramount.

If you are a large size person, odds are you are going to need a wide seating. The material and foam inside of the seating should also be sturdy enough to where you feel a slight sinking feeling in to your gaming chair, but not so much as your living room sofa.
Gaming Chair


Frame and Structure

Inside each gaming chair, there is a frame that can be made of any kind of material from wood to hard plastic to steel. It simply depends on the level of commitment to quality from a manufacturer. Beneath the surface of each chair is a few layers of cushioning. In the case of MSI’s Gaming chairs, it usually comes in the form of breathable foam.
Gaming Chair

Solid Base.

The elevation level base plate of the chair should be adjustable. That is to say, there should be a piston that you can adjust the height of, along with a very solid base. This is a universal among all office chairs and computer chairs. Most of these can only adjust your height by a few centimeters which is perfectly fine. You should be guaranteed the freedom of knowing that your knees will not be pushing on your desk, and your legs won’t be fully straightened out, no different from sitting on the floor.
Gaming Chair

Arm Rests

If you’re looking at photos of a prospect gaming chair, ask yourself, “Are the arm rests too high? Are the arm rests in a position where they would feel like they are sinking if I sat in the chair? Can I adjust the elevation of the armrests? Can I turn them inward or outward? Do they look like they are too hard or soft?” These questions might sound like a little bit too much information to be asking one’s self, but go with your gut feeling when answering these questions and you’ll thank yourself later.
Gaming Chair

Headrest Pillow and Lumbar Cushion

You’re going to need a soft place to rest your noggin, which is precisely why any reputable gaming chair manufacturer includes a headrest-pillow with their gaming chairs. Additionally, you may need a pillow for back support. In the gaming chair manufacturing industry, these are commonly referred to as lumbar cushions. You don't always have to use the headrest pillow and the lumbar cushion, however. If you find that they don’t suit your needs, you can remove them any time you want.
Gaming Chair

Introducing MSI's New Gaming Chairs

The MSI CH110 and the MSI CH120 can be viewed as the standard in Gaming chairs. They might come across as a little bit like a racing chair, but don't be fooled. Both of these gaming chairs have criterion back-support and comfort without being too soft. The base plates and back-plates of these chairs are filled with breathable foam. You can also recline the chairs up to 180 degrees to lay down flat, if you so desired. However, the best part about using the MSI CH110 or the CH 120 is just how well they work if you are sitting down for extended periods of time. Perhaps the best feeling you can have while sitting in one of these gaming chairs is the sturdy build feel that you are resting your back on. You need something that is built to be as strong as a wall while being as comfortable as a sofa.
Gaming Chair
For more information, make sure you head over to the product page(https://www.msi.com/Gaming-gear/MAG-CH110/Overview)
for the MAG CH110 Gaming Chair and the CH120 (https://www.msi.com/Gaming-gear/MAG-CH120/Overvie).
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