Play “PUBG” with 3 Displays Surround Mode on GT75/GT83 Gaming Notebooks!

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As we know that MSI GT series gaming notebooks are offering the most powerful and packing most gaming features models in the market, but not everyone knows the GT73, GT75 and GT83 series are able to make 3+1 display with 4K resolutions, not every high-end notebook support this feature for real gamers. And because of the independent GPU switch design; these 3 GT series support Surround Mode for immersive gaming experience!

Easy Setup 3 Extended Displays by UMA Graphics

Use Windows built-in tool or Intel HD Graphics Control Panel to set 3 displays is easy, the theme will be shown as below images which extend 2 displays to get three 4K monitors with 60Hz refresh rate. No need extra skills to make this. The first thing is to find out if your notebook with 3 display outputs, such as HDMI, Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3 port. You might need to use dongle to transfer MiniDP or TB3 port to HDMI (mostly), so you will be easier to output 3 displays with 3 HDMI cables, and set “Extend Mode” to make these 3 displays work. But if you use this function, you could only activate 3 displays, not 3+1 displays.

This is the 3 extended display mode, disable the built-in display.

Setup Surround Mode by NVIDIA Graphics with Control Panel

But if you want to set GT75VR Titan/SLI to become Surround Mode, the unique mode need to use NVIDIA Control Panel could set Surround Mode, in this case we got GeForce GTX 1080 graphics, you will find out 3 external displays at "Configure Surround, PhysX" item if you install 3 external display cables correctly, then you could set these 3 displays become 3x1 or 1x3 display, that will build up the Surround Mode and set the 3 displays become 1 virtual monitor.

After set the Surround Mode ready, you will find out 1 ultra-wide resolution monitor and 1 notebook built in monitor from Windows built-in setup tool. Windows system and game will treat the Surround Mode displays as 1 display to play your games or most 3D programs.

In this case we got 5760x1080 resolution for Surround Mode, that's GT75VR Titan/SLI could handle the games with highest detail, you could also get 3x 4K displays to setup the Surround Mode, but I think it’s too OVER for the GT75VR SLI monster to play games within 11520x2160 resolution.

Play PUBG with Surround Mode for over 50FPS experience!

Let's take a look on PUBG game; we set the game resolution become 5760x1080, and it works just fine, also very smooth for a single GTX1080 graphics with High Preset. You could see that your view angle really extended to wider range, so you could play this game with higher alert level on the enemies’ interactions in the game, but if you want to play most games well, you still need a very powerful gaming notebook such as GT75VR or GT83VR for this Surround Mode.

Enjoy the game with wider view to extend your vision from now! And you could try to capture some funny images to show off your own Surround Mode in most the games! By the way, the in game FPS around 45~55FPS when I set it to very high detail!

The DX12 3D testing tool “Superposition Benchmark” also supported Surround Mode, most of the new games in recent years all support Surround Mode for wide view gaming experience.
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