Over 49% Performance Boost of Intel® Core i7 8750H on MSI GE63 Raider RGB NB!

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Last week on 4/3, Intel launched their latest 8th Gen Core i7 processors platform, the Core i7 8750H CPU. The improvement of the Core i7 8750H is not only a new generation, but also very significant improve as first 6Cores/12Threads architecture on mobile CPU platform. This might be a small step from Intel, but a big leap for much more powerful gaming notebooks! Let’s take a look on the Core i7 8750H, it comes with 14nm process, designed at 2.2GHz of based clock, but higher boost capability to 4.1GHz, with 9MB of L3 cache to get faster access speed, and TDP is 45W but able to drop the clock and heat to become 35W, so that some cheaper notebooks could use poor cooling design but lower performance to installed this 8750H CPU inside. But we all know it will never happen on MSI gaming notebooks.

This GE63 Raider RGB designed with 7 heatpipes and dual 47 blade fans, that made this cooling model called as "Cooler Boost 5", the most powerful cooling system at this segment of gaming notebooks. The best cooling could make GE63 Raider RGB to have Turbo Mode with higher GPU overclock capability.

7 heatpipes and dual fans of Cooler Boost 5 is really powerful!

CPU performance boost up over 49% with GTX 1070

When I got the latest GE63 Raider RGB 8RF gaming notebook, I really wish to sell my old GS73 to buy this new model!! The shape of GE63 Raider RGB and Mystic Light of A cover looks fantastic, and the Per-Key RGB backlit of keyboard looks great as well.

This model comes with 8th Gen Core i7 8750H CPU and GTX 1070 graphics, my comparison is previous GE63 with Core i7 7700HQ and GTX 1070 graphics from other media review data, so please stay focus on new GE63 RGB model’s benchmark result. I tested the CineBench R15 as a good start, the CPU multi-core score is 1113cb, compared to previous i7 7700HQ is 744cb, the new i7 8750H is 49.6% faster than 7700HQ.

Check on the OpenGL score from CineBench R15, 8th Gen Core i7 8750H got 105.08fps, it’s also 11% faster than Core i7 7700HQ at 94.54fps. So even with same GTX 1070 graphics, the professional OpenGL test still could improve more than 11%!

The Core i7 7850H got 1113cb at Mulci-CPU score, and OpenGL test is 105.08fps

The Core i7 7700HQ got 744cb score at CineBench R15 test, and OpenGL test is 94.54fps.

Core i7 8750H of Video Transcoding Test got 39.6% faster

The FHD/4K video transcoding and editing works are getting more popular in recent years, so I also looking forward to see what Core i7 8750H could improve on this part. I used “X264 FHD Benchmark” tool to test the performance gap between Core i7 8750H and 7700HQ.

Let's take a look on the result; the six Cores of Core i7 8750H on this Full HD video transcoding benchmark comes out 35.2fps rate, which presents much faster than Core i7 7700HQ test result of 25.2fps. 8750H got more than 39% faster on the video transcoding benchmark than 7700HQ, we could see that 8th Gen. Core i7 platform did have great improvement on the FHD/4K video transcoding performance and could reduce the time for video editing.

Intel® Core i7 8750H got 35.2fps at X264 FHD Benchmark test; it's 39.6% faster than i7 7700HQ CPU.

Intel® Core i7 7700HQ got 25.2fps at X264 FHD Benchmark test.

The 3D Mark 11 Performance jus a piece of cake

At last we look into the 3D Mark 11 benchmark test, the latest Core i7 8750H runs great with GTX 1070 graphics, with MSI Dragon Center 2.0 at Turbo Mode to OC GPU core clock a bit, that made the GE63 Raider RGB bump up to P18239 score easily. If we compared to other gaming notebooks with i7 7700HQ and GTX 1070 graphics, their average score is around P16500, so the i7 8750H boost the GTX 1070 performance from 5%~10% depends on your gaming notebook’s cooling capability. In this case, GE63 Raider RGB could overclock GPU core/mem to get P18500+ scores. That’s really close to previous platform with GTX 1080 graphics!

Conclusion on the 8th Gen Core i7 Performance Improvement

With these 3 simple but useful benchmark tests out of 4 results, we could realized that the latest Intel® 8th Gen Core i7 platform are capable to improve most of the CPU demanded programs, the maxima performance boot could over 40% depends on the multi-cores usage optimized status. Besides of these tests, use the Core i7 8750H platform to play games and live streaming, the fps will drop much less than Core i7 7700HQ platform because of 6C/12T architecture is more efficient on multi-task works than 4C/8T CPUs. Let's buy MSI new gaming notebooks from the market, this time they got greater CPU performance improvement than any of the previous 2 generations of Intel mobile platform!!
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