Are you worthy of 144 FPS gaming?

When it comes to gaming, nothing quite compares to the silky smooth and ridiculously responsive experience of 144 FPS.
In shooters it allows you to react faster and more accurately, but even in all other games you will notice the gameplay is much smoother and your actions on the battlefield will be more accurately timed.
MSI Gaming series products always aim to give you the best gaming experience in both performance and all the extra features that you can enjoy. Only by using the right gaming hardware will you reach the paradise of 144 FPS.

So now it's time to separate the true hardcore gamers from the casual gamers. Which are you?
Every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of May 2018, we will unveil new questions to test your knowledge of true gaming hardware and features.

Worthy Gamers can Win Great Prizes

By answering questions correctly, you can prove yourself worthy of winning prizes in this competition.
Each week you have a chance of winning 2 x $20 of Steam Wallet funds for your game collection, no matter if you've missed the previous questions, each week is a new chance to win.
With each question we will get closer to the goal of that super sweet 144 FPS smoothness we all desire.

Earn the full 144 FPS for Grand Prizes

For the true hardcore gamers among you who answered all the questions right and earned 144 FPS in the process, you will have a chance to win one of our Grand Prizes that will be awarded at the end of this promotion. (25th of May, 2018)

The Grand Prizes are

0 FPS Potato PC

Potato PC

30+ FPS Console Peasant

Console Peasant

60+ FPS Casual Gamer

Casual Gamer

100+ FPS 1337 Gamer

1337 Gamer

144 FPS Godlike Gamer


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