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Hang in There

Like you, our lives have been impacted by the rampaging COVID-19, which is all the more important to stay safe and healthy with your loved ones at home. Unfortunately, Earth continues to spin, sun still rises every morning, work and education must continue. Luckily so much can be achieved from home with technology, so we encourage everyone to stay home and avoid unnecessary travels. Instead, work remotely, study online, or even just stay home and game. Whatever it takes to keep you afloat, or more importantly, your family safe.

And if boredom strikes from social distancing, you can always find us on social media to keep each other accompanied.

- Team MSI

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Work from Home

Let your work flow through seamlessly with good’ol emails, conference call, instant messaging, and remote access under the protection of your own roof.

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Study from Home

Schools are shifting courses online to keep all students safe. But knowledge can be found not only in classrooms, everyone can still take advantage of the variety of different online learning tools and platforms to continue education.

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Game at Home

In the midst of the crisis, gaming is probably one of the safest leisure that we still have the luxury of. Rally your friends and families and keep the interaction going and change that social distancing to social getting-closer-to- everyone.

msi gaming laptop for gaming at home
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